Lace, first weaved by manual crochets. Westerners use a lot of lace on women’s dresses, especially in evening dresses and wedding dresses. It first appeared in the United States. The making of lace is a very complicated process. It is weaved with silk thread or yarn according to a certain pattern. During manufacturing, it is to loop the thread on small spindles the size of a human thumb. A simple pattern requires dozens or a hundred spindles mentioned above. And bigger patterns require hundreds. In the manufacturing processing ,put the pattern under, choose different methods of weaving, tieing, rolling to process. A simple pattern requires a skilled workingwoman a month or longer time to finish. Therefore, lace, generally used in highclass fashionable dress or royal indoor articles, is quite favored by foreign nobles.

Nowadays, we can find 4 major types of lace fabric in the market: 1. High stretch fiber jacquard lace; 2. Mesh jacquard lace; 3. Position fixed Lace; 4. Crochet cotton thread lace.

Here follows a brief introduction to these major 4:

1. High stretch fiber jacquard lace

High stretch fiber jacquard lace is weaved by polyester and spandex fibre, which keep the characteristics of both polyester and spandex fibre. It has fine corruption and abrasive resistance performance, therefore it improves the weakness that the structure of traditional Jacquard lace is easy to get worn. Meanwhile, it makes the fabric more stable, hard to deform.

2. Mesh jacquard lace

Mesh jacquard lace is weaved by polyester and cotton fibre. People generally divide it into 2 kinds (based on ingredients) :

(1) Polyester cotton mesh jacquard lace(more polyester and less cotton );

(2) Mesh cotton jacquard lace(more cotton and less polyester).

Although these 2 kinds of fabric are both weaved by polyester fiber and cotton fibre, their characteristics differ sometimes.

3. Position fixed Lace Fabrics

Position fixed Lace Fabrics is weaved by polyester fiber and cotton fibre. It is special, quite easy to wash, and never shrinks. also high performance on corruption resistance. The position of the pattern is fixed on the lace, and it is difficult to cut, requires a high skill level. But the fixed pattern improves the beauty of the dress.

4. crochet cotton thread lace fabric

crochet cotton thread lace fabric is made of about 97% of cotton and 3% of chinlon.

crochet cotton thread lace fabric differs greatly from regular lace materials. First, its manufacturing process is all crochet using. The finished product has a sense of unique hollow out beauty and almost covering all parts, which provide fine comfort, and the quality of both water-absorbing and sweat volatility, while the existence of spandex in the component parts offers certain recovery ability,preventing the fabric to shrink or deform.

Lace history started from manual weaving in the first place, the decorating part on the dress, and to the see-through blouses. It can be gorgeous,pure, coquettish or sexy. In a word, it is no longer a simple decorating part, but has its own characteristic charm. No matter being decorative or splendid attire, it will be sure to show your refreshing scent of Woman At Summerdays, customize your own female style. As long as you use lace properly,

Post time: Jan-22-2021