Is it good to make knitted polyester fabric sportswear fabric?

Many people think cotton clothing is the best because it absorbs sweat well and is more comfortable to wear. In fact, for sportswear, cotton clothes are not always good. Because very sweat-absorbing clothes, such as pure cotton, will absorb the sweat of the body, but because the sweat emitted during exercise is more, it is easy to remain on the clothes, over time, will make the clothes smell sweat, make people unable to wear.


Now, such as Li Ning, Nike, Adidas and other domestic and foreign first-class sportswear brands, spent a lot of manpower, material and financial resources to develop a comfortable wear, good air permeability, fast drying polyester material sportswear. So, what is the best fabric for sportswear? Of course it’s made of knitted polyester. Sportswear made of it not only has the same comfort as cotton clothes, but also breathable function is better than cotton clothes. In addition, it emits very fast, does not let sweat residue on the clothes, easy to clean, is the first choice for strenuous exercise.

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What is the best fabric for sportswear? After that, consumers should carefully identify what the material of the clothing is when they buy it. According to your own sports needs, if you only wear casual clothes, you can choose pure cotton clothes, which is no problem, but if you wear for playing ball, running and other intense sports, it is better to choose polyester clothes of big brands, so as to improve your exercise quality and comfort, and make yourself more comfortable in exercise.

Post time: Dec-27-2022