When it comes to the Chinese textile industry, Shaoxing is well known. However, the most well known part is Keqiao. The history of the Shaoxing textile industry can date back to 2500 years ago. At the dynasty of Sui and Tang(BC581-618), this region had developed into the level that “the noise of the looms is often heard, while the daily silk production quantity is ten thousand Zhangs (Chinese ancient length measurement, 3.3meters equals 1 Zhang).

In 1988, the Shaoxing textile market started its launch ceremony with a total investment of 6.6 million Yuan And the total construction area is 230 thousand square meterswhich has 600 streetside houses for commercial purposes,and became the first national Indoor professional textile market .These textile productions started from single materials ,fabric market into a Complete production industry chain including chemical fiber materials ,weaving ,Printing ,Creative Designing ,Dress and Hometextile products.This textile city now stands as a center of international textile manufacturing, trade and innovation. And the national first creative “China Keqiao Textile Index”China Keqiao Fashion Index, has now become the wind indicator and the barometer for the global textile industry and fashion trends.

Now as an innovation fashion platform mainly focused on international fashion civilization communication, talent resource development, R&D, Brand building, merchandise exports and market exploring, keep on bringing those innovative and entrepreneurial talents both domestic and international fashion enterprises mostly to Europe. And to make full use of the advantages of the combination of industry, universities and research institutes. Collaborative constructing a Cluster center, innovation design center talents training center, brand building center trade Export center forging Keqiao into a nexus Fashion Industry. pushing Keqiao into a global China’s fashion carrier.

The future of the Keqiao textile City will no longer be a small boat, or barely depending on selling fabric. It will be the scene of a thousand boats launching. Technology, innovation, designs, talents and famous brands, from the globe and into the globe, embrace globalization completely, fully devoted to a new journey.

Silk way clearance,products sold overseas. Seizing the opportunity of “belt and road”, the Keqiao textile city head west to those developed Western countries, head east to the countries along the way of”belt and road”, hosting the China Textile city Internationale Fabric Exhibition, exploring overseas markets for textile enterprises, increasing the awareness of “Silk way Keqiao Station,products all over the world “, effectively building the brand of Keqiao China textile.

According to the relevant data, the total value of trade from Keqiao to countries and regions along the way of”belt and road” ( including East Unions, Central and Eastern Europe) kept the average increasing rate above 10% yearly.

China textile City, now benchmarking as International textile city, is charging on the way to fully deepening the opening to the world. firmly holding the location as”New Highland of Shaoxing great construction “, deepen reforming, expand the opening, fully devote itself into Forging “International textile city”, Adding new power into high standard development of Keqiao city means while adding strong power into Keqiao’s modernization construction.

Post time: Jan-22-2021