The difference between mesh fabric and lace fabric, mesh fabric: mesh is a thin plain weave woven with fine extra-strong twisted yarn, features: sparse density, thinner texture, clear step holes, cool hand, full of elasticity, breathability Good, comfortable to wear. Because of its transparency, it is also called Bali yarn. Bali yarn is also called glass yarn, and its English name is voile. Both warp and weft use fine special combed and strong twisted yarn. The density of warp and weft in the fabric is relatively small. Due to the “fine” and “sparse” plus strong twist, the fabric is thin and transparent. All raw materials are pure cotton and polyester cotton. The warp and weft yarns in the fabric are either single yarns or strands.

Features: sparse density, thin texture, clear step holes, cool hand feeling, full of elasticity, good air permeability, and comfortable to wear. Because of its good transparency, it is also called glass yarn. Used for summer shirts, skirts, pajamas, headscarves, veils and drawn embroidery base fabrics, lampshades, curtains, etc.

Lace fabrics: Lace fabrics are divided into elastic lace fabrics and non-elastic lace fabrics, collectively referred to as lace fabrics. The composition of elastic lace fabric is: spandex 10% + nylon 90%. The composition of the non-elastic lace fabric is: 100% nylon. This fabric can be dyed in a single color.

Lace fabrics are divided into 2 types according to their ingredients:

1.There are elastic lace fabrics (nylon, polyester, nylon, cotton, etc.)
2.Non-elastic lace fabric (all nylon, all polyester, nylon, cotton, polyester, cotton, etc.) underwear: mainly nylon and high-elastic fabrics, it is an indispensable material for erotic underwear.

Features: Lace fabric has an elegant and mysterious artistic effect due to its light, thin and transparent texture. It is widely used in women’s underwear.

What is a good quality lace fabric? Is lace fabric expensive or silk fabric expensive? The price of silk fabrics is often higher than that of lace fabrics.

Lace can be lace or fabric, and they are all woven. Generally, the raw materials of lace fabrics are polyester, nylon and cotton.

Silk generally refers to silk, including mulberry silk, tussah silk, castor silk, cassava silk and so on. Real silk is called the “fiber queen” and has been favored by people throughout the ages for its unique charm. Silk is a protein fiber. Silk fibroin contains 18 kinds of amino acids that are beneficial to the human body, which can help the skin maintain the metabolism of the surface lipid membrane, so it can keep the skin moisturized and smooth.

For those who want to buy lace fabrics, they definitely want to buy lace fabrics of better quality. So what is a good quality lace fabric?

1.Appearance: high-quality lace fabric products, the workmanship is more delicate, the printing is clearer, and the pattern should be uniform and flat. The fabric is comfortable, and the density and color of all laces should be uniform.
2.From the sense of smell: smell the smell. The smell of good quality products is generally fresh and natural without peculiar smell. If you can smell pungent odors such as sour odor when you open the package, it is probably because the formaldehyde or acidity in the product exceeds the standard, so it is best not to buy it. At present, the mandatory standard for the pH value of textiles is generally 4.0-7.5
3.From the tactile sense: the fine-worked lace fabric feels comfortable and delicate, with tightness, and does not feel rough or loose. When testing pure cotton products, a few filaments can be drawn to ignite, and it is normal for them to emit a burning paper smell when burning. You can also twist the ashes with your hands. If there is no lumps, it means that it is a pure cotton product. If there are lumps, it means that it contains chemical fiber.

Inferior lace has an uneven surface, a large difference in size, uneven color and lustre, and is easily deformed. When you buy lace fabrics, you must pay attention to the above points. Don’t buy inferior lace fabrics for cheap.

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