Wrinkled clothes are often associated with slovenliness, but in the ever-changing world of fashion, wrinkle has become a popular element.

In fact, the popularity of pleated style has long been traced. In the 2019 Paris fashion, pleated elements frequently appeared. The rich texture creates a three-dimensional effect of clothing and becomes a style symbol. The fold changes the high fashion must be the smooth structure form, seemingly invisible without shape, the combination of paving and wrinkling, increased the unique charm and clever. There are many ways to make pleats, such as hollow pleats, layers of pleats, local pleats, wrinkling process, pleats and binding process. 

As Asia’s largest fabric distribution center, the fabric of light textile city market is not only complete and walk in the fashionable front, in the high-grade women’s clothing fabric collection of the eastern market, the reporter can see sales from time to time “wrinkle” fabric sales department. Into the sales department of Yunsha, a wide range of wrinkled fabrics and sample clothes, according to Liu Xinyi, the person in charge, these two years more popular vintage wind, with a sense of texture, three-dimensional fabric sales are better. ”This compound crease fabric is our new product launched this year, using the new technology of compound crease again, we have developed more than ten different patterns of the same series of compound crease, suitable for dresses, coats, small shirts.” It is understood that Yun Sha textile positioning fast fashion fabrics, to do the season is popular, fabrics advanced development, closely follow the fashion trend, and shop, 13 lines, Sijiqing clothing market have close cooperation. In the past two years, the company’s main style cloth, when the common style of clothing using unusual style fabric, full of detail sense, more delicate.

“Wrinkle” emphasizes the contrast between wrinkle and flat fabric, which makes the layers of clothing rich, the structure is bright, and adds visual texture and dynamic feeling. Yan Huiping, senior lecturer at Xuancai Textile Training Center, told reporters: “The shrinkage rate of yarns is different, and the yarn will change under the influence of high temperature. For example, when the temperature reaches 150 degrees, part of the yarn is tightened, part of the yarn is not tightened, forming a rugged three-dimensional effect, is wrinkle, this time and then with the high-temperature roller with the pattern of the flower pressed up, the pattern of the flower appears, the general effect of woven fabric is better.”

In the era of excess clothing fabrics, how to stand out? We think you have to innovate. Drape regards a kind of new popular style as, get of the market widely chase after, want to seize this tide in time.


Post time: May-31-2021